COVID-19 Update

Many people are wondering if COVID-19 is the judgment of God. I would say yes, in part…there are certain things that we have allowed to happen in all aspects of our society and lives that displeases God…they certainly warrant His righteous judgment.

However, there is a profound demonstration of His grace and mercy as well during this crisis, because I know what His unbridled judgment looks like…we see it throughout the Old Testament…and we see it in the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Much like He does when He saves a wretch like me, God is actually giving all of us a second chance to do everything as He originally intended…prayer, church, worship, family…and life in general. Some we can do differently now…some after this present crisis is done.

In the meantime, know this…He is shaking every thing that can be shaken, and, when they all settle again, they will look and feel different…which is what Godly revival always looks like!

Onward Soldier Ministries

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