One Sunday afternoon when I was about 10 years old, my dad, who grew up under an alcoholic father, was called to identify the body of his baby brother. His baby brother was a severe alcoholic who literally drank himself to death. For some reason, he took my youngest brother, my sister, and I along with him.

As we entered my uncle’s small run-down trailer in the woods, I vividly remember seeing his lifeless body laying on the floor…his skin a grayish blue color…and my dad looked all three of us in the eye and said the following: “Take a good look…this is what drinking will do to you.”

It took many years for me to realize what my dad had done for me and my younger siblings. Through the pain, sadness, and grief of seeing his baby brother’s lifeless body…the same brother that he had tried to help for many, many years…my dad used it as an opportunity to change our perspective so that we could avoid a similar path.

The moral of this story is this: some perspectives require drastic measures to change…especially those that are deeply rooted along familial and spiritual lines.

Some of you may also wonder how my dad’s perspective was changed since he grew up under an alcoholic father…why did he choose a different one. My answer to that question is twofold: 1) a faithful, praying Spirit-filled wife; and, 2)the saving power of Jesus Christ.

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