The Giver and His Gifts

After a brief hiatus from writing due to various work obligations, I have decided to take up the proverbial ‘pen’ once again.  Over the past few months, as the Lord brought things to mind, I wrote them down and will share them as they continue to come.

Just this morning, I began thinking of spiritual gifts and how they are used today throughout the body of Christ.  While some use them as intended, many others fail to use them properly, if they even use them at all.  For some, especially those within the Pentecostal-based denominations, the gifts have become the main focus of their worship, at the expense of losing sight of the precious Giver.  Let me explain it this way.

Much like a child on Christmas morning, sometimes we are so enamored with the gifts themselves…and become narrowly focused on ‘playing’ with these gifts…that we lose sight of our Father lovingly watching…pleased that He was able to give these gifts to His child.  From the Father’s perspective, His heart swells with joy from seeing His child happily enjoying the good gifts that He gave so graciously.

As time passes and the child matures into an adult, the close relationship with the Father, the Giver, becomes far more precious than the gift.  While the gift remains, the intimate relationship between Father and child is cherished more.  When this finally occurs in the life of the child, the gift simply becomes a tool used to tell about the Giver…a type of ‘show-and-tell’.

So, brothers and sisters, let us ‘show’ our gifts that we are given to the world around us as a means to ‘tell’ them about the Giver–Our Father in Heaven.

2 thoughts on “The Giver and His Gifts

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  1. Love how you worded that!!! HE is a Good Good Father & every gift given is precious & ought to be used with great care & honor!!! I desire that the gifts HE has given me magnify HIS presence in my life!!! Thanks for sharing…♥ <

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