A Righteous Celebration

Today as I was pondering the reason we celebrate Easter, it dawned on me that I also have a birthday coming up in two months.  I thought of all the parties and celebrations that people have each year to commemorate one’s birth, and wondered if I would have one.  Suddenly, when these two seemingly unconnected thoughts merged into one, it hit me that our physical birthday is not the only birthday for a Christian.  We have a spiritual birthday as well.

So, where are all the parties and celebrations for this one?  Where are the greeting cards and decorations that cater to this particular occasion?  Sadly, many Christians cannot even remember the actual day that they encountered Christ and their lives eternally changed!  However, Jesus tells us in Luke that heaven is filled with joy in the presence of angels when just one sinner repents.[1]  In like manner, we should reciprocate this same joy on earth and celebrate this day that commemorates our rebirth into the body of Christ.  In addition, if you are one of those that cannot remember your spiritual birthday, do not fret because today is as good of a day as any to declare it as such in the presence of God and His heavenly host.  He promises that it will be a grand celebration indeed.


  1. Luke 15:7,10 (LEB).

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