The Dimensions of a Testimony

The recent blog post concerning my mother’s testimony brought to mind something I wrote down during this trying time in our family’s life.  The truth of the matter is that the same question mentioned below briefly entered my mind during the initial phase of her illness.  However, during the process of her healing, God provided an answer to this question in the following way.

When bad things happen to us, we initially view them through the lens of our temporal circumstances.  We often ask the question, “Why did God allow this bad thing happen to me?!?”  However, we tend to forget that others bear witness to this trial and they are also deeply affected by it.  In fact, as believers and joint heirs with Christ, our particular trial, which God has equipped us to endure, is often a shining example of His Divine Providence to someone else.  In our finite humanity, we are unable to view the interconnectedness of an infinite humanity like God can…He is outside the dimension of our circumstances and mere time itself.  He is also able to see each and every decision point in a lifespan, as well as how that lifespan is interwoven into the fabric of other lifespans.  It is through all of this, that God creates something that also transcends the dimensions of circumstances and time–a testimony–and, in conjunction with the blood of Christ, has the power to overcome the evil one.[1]

Be encouraged today, dear brothers and sisters, for God is creating something in the midst of your circumstances that will be a testimony of His Glory to those around you!


  1. Revelation 12:11, NKJV.

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